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Fundraiser for Non-Profits
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Is Your Organization Looking for an Easy Way to Raise Money?


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  •  Is you nonprofit struggling to raise money?
  • Do you lack the time or resources associated with planning a special event?
  • Would you be interested in a highly profitable event, that can be implemented immediately?


Let the Chamber help you, with your next fundraiser:

  • No risk
  • No upfront costs
  • Keep 50 percent of all the gross proceeds

Dream Vacation Raffle

  • All nonprofit organizations are eligible
  • The Chamber provides the vacation prize
  • Tickets, posters and fliers provided free
  • Receive $10 for every $20-ticket sold
  • No risk, no obligation

Why Partner with the Chamber?

  • The Chamber is one of the most respected and credible organizations in the community.
  • The Chamber is known for protecting and promoting local businesses, including nonprofits.
  • A thriving not-for-profit community makes our city a better place to work, live and play.
  • A vibrant community helps local businesses, creates jobs for residents and attracts new business.
  • A successful business community contributes to the local tax base, which supports city services, like police, fire and community recreational services.  

Three Important Sales Tips 

  1. Assign each member of your group 2-3 books to sell. Allow them at least 30 days to sell the tickets. 
  2. Leverage your organization’s value to the community. Volunteers should make it clear what the sales are for. The more familiar people are with the cause or your organization, the more likely they are to buy tickets.
  3. Inform the prospects that for every $20 donation, they will receive a raffle ticket for a vacation get-a-way.

Other Suggestions  

  • Invite a volunteer from the Chamber to explain the details of the program to your group.
  • Combine raffle ticket sales with other activities of the organization. Does your group sponsor a fall carnival, dinner, sports tournament or other event? Set up a booth at these events to sell tickets.
  • Sell tickets at your regular group meetings, and keep everyone up to date about the campaign’s progress
  • Set up booths at local fairs and grocery stores.
  • Have a reasonable timeline for sales. A minimum of two or three months selling period is ideal.
  • Recruit a committee to help with sales and promotions.
  • Set a dollar goal.
  • Send out e-blasts to members/students/parents announcing the raffle.
  • Place a blurb about the raffle in your newsletter or website.